The Aurora Band – the simple way for a Hollywood waves

I love natural waves on my head, that is way very often I experiment with ecological methods of hair curl. I rarely use hair curler or straightener (I know, that many girls have great curls thanks to this method), because since I damaged my hair with heat styling I try to limit those methods. Today I would like to describe the novelty that I get into my hands lately – The Aurora Band, which is a band that we put on for the night to curl the hair. Does it work?

What The Aurora Band is?

The hair band under this cunning name is very innovative gadget for an eco hair curl. Eco, means without any chemicals or high temperatures. The Aurora Band is a quite thick hair band around which we should twine the streaks. It resembles a long hair roller connected by its ends to create a circle. On the external side of the band are placed, typical for the hair roller, burrs. I have to admit that it looks kind of funny, but what girl wouldn’t do for the beauty, right? 🙂

How to use The Aurora Band?

The Aurora Band is a curling gadget that should be used over night. However, on less demanding hair (like mine) you can achieve satisfying effect after 2-3 hours. This is possible because the most important is for hair to be properly prepared – it is best to place the band on the dump hair. You can also wet hair especially for the application with water or a hair mist.

We put on the band like…well…like a crown? That is the best comparison I think. 🙂 We take individual steaks of hair and wrap them around the band, directing inwards. I have to admit that it took several goes before I learnt how to use this thing. Personally I reversed the sequence, because it is more comfortable for me – first I wrap hair from the ends towards roots (of course inwards), and then I roll it up to put it on the forehead. We can put on The Aurora Band however we like. 🙂

What are the effects of The Aurora Band?

Manufacturer guarantees that a night in the band will provide us with beautiful and sexy waves on the image of the Hollywood stars. Is it possible? Yes. The band is relatively soft, so the sleep is comfortable, as long as you are not like the princess and the pea. 🙂 Hair in natural way dry over night in a position we placed them in. Morning untangling of this hairstyle doesn’t cause bigger problems and hair are well curled. After combing and application of e.g. highlighting oil, the hair are ready. Sadly, The Aurora Band is a gadget only for girls with long hair.