Hair care during winter. How to take care of hair while skiing holidays?

The season which is most harmful to hair is frosty winter. Low temperatures, freeze, chill winds and lots of humidity in the surroundings – it all influences fact that hair are more prone to damages. As long as we like winter evenings at home, it’s not as bad situation. But what if we like to be active during winter? Should we give up that skiing trip only not to damage hair? How to care about hair during winter?

Hair care on winter skiing holidays is much different from standard methods of nourishment.

Let us introduce to you few basic rules of hair protection during winter sports, which will prevent hair from mechanical damages and those connected to unfavourable conditions on the slope. Those rules are worth remembering, so you wouldn’t damage your hair on skiing trip.

1. Choose right hairstyle for slope!

While skiing you do not need perfect curls flowing down on your shoulders. You have got thick cap or helmet on your head, so comb your hair in a way that is most comfortable for you. Best would be hiding all hair under the cap or helmet, because this way you’ll avoid mechanical damage and you separate hair from harmful factors (e.g. wind, snow, freeze, sun). Great hairstyle for slope is plait or French plait, which will gather hair tightly. Put it additionally under the jacket or cotton scarf.

2. Apply protective silicones on your hair!

In everyday you avoid silicones in hair products, because they can significantly weight down streaks. As much as it works in everyday hair care, insofar during winter sports hair are at risk of scraping (e.g. under the cap), chafing against each other, tangling, pulling, etc. They will need protective layer of silicon serum. Try product with light silicon, which won’t make hair oily, but will ensure smoother and protection against damages.

3. For hair wash use gentle shampoos!

During physical activity scalp is sweating and hair are oily much faster. At the end of each day at the slope, when you take of that thick cap you see flat, greasy and off hair, which need a wash. On winter holidays you need to wash hair much more often, so use products, which don’t scour out all the nourishing ingredients.

4. Moisturise with hair mask or conditioner!

Very often oily hair are also dry because of wind, freeze and sun reflecting from the snow and they need proper care. Take care of a good nourishment and moisturise of weighted down hair. In the evening, after long day at the slope apply moisturising hair mask, conditioner or oil and hold product on hair for a bit longer than usual.