Bob cut hairstyle as a latest trend this season

Its loved by stars, celebrities and young girls. Why is bob cut so popular? Probably because its easy in managing and styling, looks very effective and works on every occasion. Let’s see, if it suits you as well.

Bob cut hairstyle works for each face shape. Its universal and classical and with just small cut can change appearance and character. By bob haircut we mean hair reaching chin and jaw; great role have ends, because they need to be well trimmed and modelled. Hair can be cut straight or have layers.

The final effect depends on the shape of the face and hair condition.

Bob cut is a hairstyle for everyone, but it needs to be taken care of by professional. Hair stylist should assess your hair condition, face shape and know your expectations. Only this way you can get a hairstyle, which will please you and you will be able to manage it easily. Healthy and thin hair can have sleek cut without layers. If you want more volume then ask hair stylist for some shading. The same result you’ll gain if you have thick hair. Bob haircut fits every hair colour; it will also look good with highlights.

Bob cut hairstyle is perfect for every girl. Obviously, you can cut hair so it would fit the certain face shape even more. For long face best will be bob reaching chin; hair dresser can also add bangs. This cut will make your face look wider and more round. Round face will look good in the reverse bob – longer up front and shorter on the back. Hair need to be sleek, because backcombed or lift up hair will give more volume and face will seem more round. However, for square face best will be asymmetrical bob to ease face features.