What does our hair colour tells about the character?

There is a reason for people to say that the first impression of newly met person is the most important. Our appearance tells a lot about us and many of the informations shows the hair style itself. Even though there is plenty of stereotypes when it comes to judging person by its hair colour, there is always an element of truth in each of them. Of course, if we aren’t hiding our true colour under the dye.

Do you know what your natural hair colour says about you? See below!

Natural hair colour: red
Temper: sanguine

Women with natural red hair tend to have sanguine temper, so they are fierce and feel very strong emotions, which mostly are very brief. Red heads are very cheerful and full of empathy. They are always smiling and feel great in the company. The flaw of the red headed women is that they aren’t organised.

Natural hair colour: auburn
Temper: melancholic

Brunettes are very passionate perfectionists. They are usually likeable by their surroundings, but they seem to not know about it and fiercely fight for environment’s acceptance. Women with brown hair are emotional, hard-working and very concrete, what very often changes into confidence that they can do everything best. Auburn headed women have also tendency to depression.

Natural hair colour: black
Temper: choleric

Black headed women know their value, are very energetic and impulsive. They are usually born leaders and success women. Black hair are also a sign of the choleric temper and bossy inclination. They love to command people, who are easy to manipulate.

Natural hair colour: blond
Temper: phlegmatic

Blonds are very cheerful people, who seem to be the life and soul of the party, but in reality they lack ability to make connections with people. Blond women are observers, who prefer to watch from the distance instead of risking. Blonds are quite slow and don’t like to hurry.