Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil

Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil is a luxurious combination of natural oils of regenerating and protective working. According to the producer claims, the cosmetic was created thanks to Mediterranean hair care traditions. This ‘nectar of beauty’ is a strongly nourishing product which, as it is typical for hair elixirs, regenerates, protects and smooths strands.

Price: $30 – $45 / 125 ml

Composition and working:

Actyva Bellessere Oil by Kemon is a product that affects condition and look of hair in a fairly positive way. What is more, the cosmetic is able to fix the hairstyle as it carries protective features. The very properties are the outcome of precisely developed composition, which is based on argan tree oil, linseed oil and African palm tree oil. Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil is also enriched with natural antioxidising and softening substances.

Furthermore, the oil does not contain substances that make hair flat nor causes irritations.

Argan oil – regenerates, moisturizes and protects skin. Owning to huge amount of E vitamin and Omega-6 acids of anti-oxidant properties, the oil slows down hair ageing processes.
Linsed oil – nourishes and softens hair. Furthermore, the oil smooths hair gifting it with natural shine due to high concentration of Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids.
African palm tree oil – replenishes moisture of even super dry hair and scalp, smooths and nourishes thanks to presence of unsaturated fatty acids.


CONSISTENCY – Kemon Actyva oil has exceptionally light formula as for a product containing plant oils. Owning to the very consistency, the cosmetic is easy to apply and is fast-absorbing. Unfortunately, the effect of nourishment and smoothness does not last long.

FRAGRANCE – Actyva Bellessere Oil by Kemon is a product of very delicate and subtle scent that stimulates senses and makes the application pleasant.

EFFICIENCY – the oil is fairly efficient because a few drops of the essential serum are enough to coat all strands evenly.

Manner of use:

Hair oil Bellessere Oil from Actyva collection designed by Kemon Italian brand can be applied at least in three ways: before shampooing, after shampooing or as a product for hairstyle finish. Actually, the cosmetic can be put on either damp or dry hair. In short, the oil has to be massaged into scalp and strands. It can also be added to a conditioner or a hair mask (most preferably from Actyva collection).



  • regeneration, moisturization and smoothness,
  • hair protection against damaging factors,
  • super light formula,
  • complex of natural oils,
  • handy package.


  • the effect is not long-lasting.